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Discover the best option for your one-to-one Italian lessons in Bologna and online

Language lessons

These lessons cover all linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We will adjust the focus according to your objectives and needs. 

Conversation lessons

These lessons focus on speaking and communicating, and they are the right choice if you: 

- need speaking practice and want to be fluent in Italian; 

- need to reach a professional level of spoken Italian for work related reasons; 

- are preparing for a job interview in Italy; 

- have studied Italian in the past and want to brush it up, improving  your conversation skills. 

Lessons for adults over 50

If you are 50+ and you want to learn Italian or refresh your Italian language skills to fully enjoy your stay in Bologna, this is the perfect option for you.

These lessons focus on speaking and communicating, with particular attention to Italian culture and society. 

Pala dei Mendicanti - detail - 1614-16 G

All lessons can be combined with some activities of your choice such as: city walking tours; visits to museums, churches, exhibitions; lunch or dinner in local restaurants; attendance to cultural and seasonal events like film festivals, concerts, lectures, etc.

Lessons can be organized as follows: 

Short courses

One day course

5 hours in the morning, incl. lunch time 


5 hours in the afternoon, incl. dinner time.  

Weekend course

9-12 hours, from Friday to Sunday. Timetable arranged to suit your availability. 

Private Tutor in Bologna, Italy | Italian language lesson and city walking tours | Monica Galletti

Long term courses 

Evening course

6 hours per week (3 days per week, from 6pm to 8pm).

Intensive course 

15 hours per week (3 hours per day, from Monday to Friday) - Minimum course length: one week.

Individual lesson packages 

Language lessons, conversation lessons and lessons for adults over 50 may also come in flexible packages of 5 or 10+ lessons that you can schedule in the way that best suits your needs during your stay in Bologna.

If you are not in Italy and can't make it for face-to-face classes, online courses are the ideal choice.

You will experience the same teaching quality, flexible scheduling and course options that you would get in presence.

For more information and a quote for your online Italian lessons, please fill in the form in the contact section

Please note that:


  • Each lesson lasts 60 minutes, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • All of the above mentioned options can either be one-to-one or two-to-one lessons, so if you have a friend whose level of Italian and needs are similar to yours, you can share lessons and get a discount on the course prices.

  • The course contents and learning objectives can be discussed via email, Skype or Zoom prior to your arrival in Bologna. During our first lesson, after assessing your language knowledge and skills, we will design a personal study plan to achieve your objectives and make the most effective use of our lesson time.

  • Face-to-face lessons take place at my home, within easy walking distance of the city centre. Cultural and art related lessons may also take place in historical sites around the city.

  • To get more information on the course options, or a quote for you tailor-made Italian course, please fill in the form in the contact section, specifying all the necessary details such as: how many lessons or which course you are interested in, what your objectives are, the topic(s) you want to study, etc. The more detailed information I get, the better I will be able to ensure you an excellent course.

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