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Learn Italian in Bologna, Italy | Italian lessons and city walking tours | Monica Galletti

General Information

  • The individual lessons and courses I offer are meant for foreign adults who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of the Italian language and culture while staying in Bologna for personal or professional reasons. 
    Learners over 50 are especially welcome!

  • All courses are tailored to your specific needs and personal interests, and – in addition to one-to-one lessons – they may include some activities of your choice like:
    - city walking tours;
    - visits to museums, churches, exhibits;
    - lunch or dinner in local restaurants;

    - cultural events such as film festivals, concerts, lectures, etc.

  • The aim is to provide you with a full immersion experience in the Italian language and culture, so that you can make the most out of your stay in Bologna.

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Learn Italian in Bologna, Italy | Italian lessons and visits to museums, churches, exhibits | Monica Galletti

Why One-to-one Lessons?

  • Effectiveness
    One-to-one lessons are effective because they are designed specifically for you, delivered in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and at a pace that suits you.
    Whether it’s to start from scratch with grammar and pronunciation, refine the linguistic knowledge you already have, practice your conversation skills, learn general and specific vocabulary, or get a deeper insight into grammar and cultural topics, one-to-one lessons will prove to be the right choice.

  • Flexible timetable
    There’s no minimum course length and you can choose between a wide range of options, from single lessons to intensive weekends or long-term courses.
    You can also choose the starting date of your course throughout the year.

Learn Italian in Bologna, Italy | One-to-one lessons: effectiveness and flexible time | Monica Galletti

Teaching Approach

  • The focus is on you
    You will be at the centre of the teaching process. We
     will build on your needs and interests to create a stimulating learning environment where you can reach your goals and acquire the competencies you need. 

  • Italian in context
    During our lessons, the Italian language will always be presented in context. We will use a variety of authentic materials, ranging from newspaper articles to audio and video clips.
    You will get an invaluable insight into the current Italian culture and society while enhancing your language and communication skills. 

  • Pleasure in learning
    Whatever your age or prior knowledge, we will make sure to find the strategies, pace and teaching materials that suit you best, allowing you to enjoy your time in Italy while learning. 


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