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  • If you are not in Italy and can't make it for face-to-face classes, online courses are the ideal choice. 

  • You will experience the same teaching quality, flexible scheduling and course options that you would get in presence.

  • We will build on your needs and interests to create a stimulating online learning environment where you can reach your goals and acquire the competences you need.

  • For more information and a quote for your online Italian classes, please fill in the form in the contact section.

               I look forward to hearing  from you!

Online Italian lessons with Monica:
easy and effective!

Though unable to actually travel to Italy as usual, during Covid, the ability to converse weekly with Monica is essential for keeping up with and ever improving my fluency.
So easy with Zoom, it is like being in the same room - no nuances or cadences missed.
Monica is an infinitely patient teacher while keeping to the highest standard of spoken and written Italian.
I highly recommend for students of all levels.

                                                            Victoria D. - Lakeville, Connecticut
                                                                                              September 2021

Victoria & Monica - Learn Italian online - Monica Galletti_edited.jpg
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